Red Aspen False Lashes 

How to value your lashes and buy local at the same time

False lashes, which have been in vogue since the early 20th century, are a great alternative for those of us with thin/short/oily/dry/willfully recalcitrant lashes that can turn even the most expensive mascara into a dry, clumpy mess. So, if you want luxuriant lashes and you value buying local, check out the high-quality lashes from Red Aspen. Currently, there are around 10 styles to choose from, all at price points even the most frugal won't bat an eye at. Plus, Boise-based Red Aspen (founded in October 2017) is 100 percent online, which allows its 2,000 brand ambassadors across the country easy access to training and sales materials.

"That has been a key to our success" said co-founder and CEO Jesse McKinney. "Our mission is to inspire women to stand up, stand out and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. We wanted to make sure every woman who joins has the tools they need to be successful." Including gorgeous lashes.

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