The Olympic, Saturday, Dec. 8

The animated music video for RED FANG's metal track "Not For You" offers up an unorthodox club scene—one where a RED FANG-loving Yeti and his gyrating blonde girlfriend storm the dance floor. The ensuing mayhem lands one unlucky DJ on an alien spaceship. But the funniest part of the 2017 video isn't the hamfisted comedy but the choice of monster, considering the band will hit Boise on Saturday, Dec. 8, alongside Iowa duo Telekinetic Yeti. RED FANG, which has gone through multiple rock evolutions since its inception in 2005, seems to pride itself on delivering the unexpected, but it should be safe to predict that on Saturday fans will be met with tracks from its fourth and latest album, Only Ghosts (Relapse Records, 2016), and a playthrough of its new single, a catchy cover of Tubeway Army's "Listen to the Sirens." Just cross your fingers that no abominable snowmen burst through the doors and start launching people into orbit.


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