Redemption and Carphax Files 

-Amy Atkins

Redemption and Carphax Files

Wednesday, June 8, promises to be a dark night at The Bouquet. Not dark as "without light," but dark as in black leather pants, black boots and black eyeliner. Goth rock is here, kids. I always thought Goth was the kind of music you lightly shuffled your feet to, your eyes never leaving the floor. If Redemption and Carphax Files are good examples of this kind of music, I couldn't have been more wrong. Redemption hails from Salt Lake City, Utah which certainly explains depressing lyrics like "Isn't it funny how time has run out now/just remember that it's stealing your breath/isn't it funny how colors seem brighter now/that every step brings us closer to death," from their song "Point of No Return." However, the music underlying these less-than-jovial lines will not leave you in a sad puddle on the floor. Singer/songwriter Miah, guitarist and backing vocalist, Ashe and bassist, Erik (no last names given) play over synth sounds and heavy, steady beats that will have you dancing until your feet hurt and still leave you wanting more. My chief complaint is that Miah sings in what I can only think of as a reverse falsetto. It's kind of an affected low tone that doesn't seem very natural, but given the nature of the music (keyboards, electronic guitars, synthesizers, drum kits), that makes sense. Playing the same night is Mend and Carphax Files. With all voice, programming, production, writing and composing done by J. Sin Monday, Carphax Files is J. Sin Monday. With song titles like"Pugnacious Fallacies" (really!) he too walks on the dark side.

I don't understand the angst, but like Redemption, Carphax Files is redeemed by the music. This is some of the coolest synthesized stuff I've heard in awhile. Again, steady beats keep these sounds above ground and Carphax Files' use of vocal sampling keeps it all interesting. If you thought Goth was music only kids with black lipstick and long bangs in their eyes listened to, go check these bands out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

-Amy Atkins

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