Reindeer Games 


Dear Minerva,

I've always intimidated other women. I've always known what I want and I've gone out and done it. I'm well-educated, successful in my field and proud of my family. I have amazing friends who see these things as positives, but no matter how I try to get along with women, women end up hating me. Instead of coming out with it though, so that we can address it woman to woman, they play games. They leave me out of group stuff. They talk behind my back. They conspire against me. I have been so proud of who I am, but lately I feel like I should just apologize for everything and give in to their expectations of how I should be. You're a strong woman. What would you do?

—Sincerely, Sick of all the Reindeer Games

Dear Reindeer Games,

Don't you dare diminish your shine for anyone, much less a group of insecure, intimidated, childish women. Society has taught women to behave in certain ways. Unfortunately, some people are so brainwashed into believing that rubbish that they usually don't figure it out until it is too late. There are always going to be people in your life who want you to fail. It comes from their own place of insecurity. Apologizing for your own successes will not help them to be more successful. We all want to feel we belong, but those reindeer aren't worth the skin off your bright, glowing nose. Shine on, lady! Be a beacon in your own life!

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