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For the last two millennia, churches have served as both a religious and social hub. But over the past few decades in America, churches in general have seen declining attendance and many a church has closed its doors. Yet an inspiring renovation of the old First Baptist Church in Eagle has breathed new life into the quaint, steepled building and again it serves as a bustling social—and even religious—hub of the community. Look carefully as you enter Rembrandts Coffee House in Eagle and you may notice a group of men praying together or several women studying their Bibles. The church building that was originally built as a gathering place for Christians has remained as such even after an investor turned it into a plush, colorful coffeehouse. Instead of bread being broken, cinnamon rolls are shared, and communal wine has been replaced with fair trade coffee and whole leaf tea.

Last summer I met with three friends for Bible study once a week at Rembrandts and enjoyed warm huckleberry muffins, frittatas and handmade soups. Rest assured that faith in God is not a prerequisite for savoring a slice of scratch-made quiche. Sinners of all types--whether saved or not--will sing praises after tasting one of Rembrandts' big fat sticky buns and washing it down with a mocha valencia, a coffee drink enriched with sweetened cocoa and the bright flavor of oranges.

Rembrandts is known for their freshly baked breakfast treats that tempt from the pastry case as you wait to place your order. Cakes and gelato also beg to become a tasty ending to lunch or dinner. The lunch menu features sandwiches and salads, and for dinner, there are usually a couple of homestyle specials.

As far as food quality and service go at Rembrandts, I've had flawless visits where my order arrives promptly and the food is delicious. But I've also had to wait 20 minutes for a muffin to be delivered, and have been served burnt frittata and bland potato salad. By and large, the staff at Rembrandts is friendly and accommodating and the food is very good. Try this: pack up your closest friends and tell them you're treating them to coffee today. Then as you pull up to the converted church building, say, "Just kidding about the coffee. You need to get right with God."

—Jennifer Hernandez has had the dents in her halo repaired more than once.

93 S. Eagle Rd., 938-1372, Mon-Thu: 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri-Sat: 6 a.m.-11 p.m.

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