Reno 911!: Reno's Most Wanted Uncensored 

When nearly every television show that makes it onto the tube is now hastily released on DVD, it begs the question: When offering a "best of" compilation, who is the intended consumer? Die-hards want entire seasons of a show, and the casual watcher could probably care less.

Regardless of who's being targeted, "best ofs" keep coming out, and Reno 911!: Reno's Most Wanted Uncensored (due out 2/27) is the latest. Brilliantly timed to correspond with the cast's first big screen adventure, Reno 911!: Miami, I'm certain Comedy Central execs hope to net a little quick cash.

The Most Wanted collection features seven episodes, all currently in rotation on Comedy Central, a top 10 of deputies' favorite 911 calls and a musical performance by four cast members in character at an MTV event.

If you've never seen Reno 911! before, it's a spoof of reality law-enforcement shows like Fox's long-running hit Cops. It's written and directed by and stars the same folks (Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney-Silver) who produced Comedy Central's short-lived program Viva Variety, and before that were members of the MTV sketch comedy The State. Lennon, as Lt. Jim Dangle, is the leader of the cast and with him at the helm, Reno 911! rarely falters. Expect guest appearances from loads of comic actors when you watch the show on cable, but on this DVD, they are limited to Nick Swardson (the hilariously overgrown youth from Grandma's Boy) and Bryan Unger (a former reporter on The Daily Show), among other notables.

Clearly releasing a television show's "most wanted" episodes is a marketing ploy by the company producing it, but it's a nice, quick jaunt into the world of this bungling "Biggest Little City" law enforcement team. And, perhaps your kids want to see the movie and you're not sure what the Reno humor is all about. Or, you've seen the previews for the big screen version and wonder if you should shell out $8.50 for a ticket. Then, maybe you'll want to snag this DVD as a rental. I don't see any circumstances under which it should be on your "to-buy" list, though. Expect bigger things and heartier laughs from Reno 911!: Miami when it hits theaters on Feb. 23.

A last note on this DVD: Though it's uncensored, that's only half-true. Sure, the swear words bleeped out on cable flow freely, but visuals such as extended middle fingers and all nudity are still blurred out. :

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