Report: University of Idaho Killed Feral Cats Without City, State Authorization 

  • University of Idaho

University of Idaho officials are insisting they received approval from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to capture feral cats on the Moscow campus. But IDFG tells the Moscow-Pullman Daily News the agency never would have given such approval. The Daily News further reports university officials went as far as euthanizing the animals without IDFG's permission.

The Daily News reports university officials insisted the "severity of ill-health of these cats" led the university to take action over the summer. In addition to reaching out to IDFG, U of I officials also said they contacted the Latah County Humane Society regarding the cats.

"Over the summer, the seven identified cats were trapped and the veterinarian ruled each to be feral, sickly and unlikely to recover,” University of Idaho officials said in a statement. “The seven were euthanized by the University's veterinarian via American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) standards."

University officials said the decision to euthanize the animals was not "taken lightly" and the action was "under the leadership of a licensed medical professional."

The Associated Press reports officials with IDFG "would not have issued authorization to the university." However, AP quotes campus veterinarian Peter Autenried as saying he did receive the go-ahead from the department.

Meanwhile, officials at the city of Moscow added that any authorization for trapping the cats didn't come from them.
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