Welcome to Boise Eats: Savor Each Bite

Welcome to Boise Eats: Savor Each Bite

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Welcome to our 2018 Boise Eats/Boise Drinks issue (What...you thought we were talking about Christmas?).

Boise Eats: Boise's Basque Community Says, 'On Egin!'

The simple, the bold and a secret recipe for chipirones en su tinta.

Boise Eats: A Culinary Field Trip

Make the pilgrimage to Eagle for dinner—we promise you won't regret it.

Boise Eats: The Local & Chef Kris Ott

Chef Kris Ott takes "nosh" up a notch.

Boise Eats: Taste the World

Treasure Valley Refugee Restaurant Week serves 'something new, something amazing'

Boise Eats: Petite 4

As its name implies, Petite 4 excels in the small things.

Boise Eats: A Moveable Feast

The pop-up restaurant craze hits Boise.

Boise Eats: Goldy's Morning Glory

"It has to be one of our bestsellers. If someone likes salmon, they love that dish."

Boise Eats: Tres Tacos, Por Favor

Boise is undergoing something of a tacossance, and to guide the City of Trees through the maze, we've wrangled some of the greatest hits from three of Boise's newest taquerias.

Boise Eats: A Vegan Dish to Die For

Boise brunch and dinner hotspot Wild Root has joined the movement, offering some of the tastiest and most stunning vegan dishes around.

Boise Drinks: Honey Spirits Are Another Reason to Save the Bees

Handcrafted in Post Falls from pure local honey, they're technically distilled mead wines and come in three styles

Boise Weekly's Boise Eats/Boise Drinks 2017

A tour of area eateries and drinkeries

The Hills Have Ingredients

Foraging plants for a unique beer recipe

It's Easy Being Green

Our greenbelt tour of watering holes on the waterfront between Garden City and Boise

Chinden Brews Cruise

Six breweries and a cidery to try in Garden City

A Saloon, A Roadhouse and a Hole-in-the-Wall

Three suds-sipping spots in Idaho's second city

A Crafty Cuppa

Third-wave coffee solidifies its hold on Boise

Food Trucks

Just Desserts

PizzaKen and PizzaTom

Nom Nom Momo

Mt. Everest MoMo Cafe

Wok Like a Boisean

Noodles, Korean style

Best-Selling Boozes in Treasure Valley Ranked

What flies off the shelves at the top 10 liquor stores
Welcome to Vodka Valley, Idaho

Boise Weekly's Bar and Restaurant Guide 2016

Look hard enough and you'll find figurative gems all over the place.

At The Flicks, Dinner and a Movie is Dinner at the Movies

Lights, Camera, Lasagna
When Carole Skinner opened The Flicks in 1984, she said it had to include some special things on the menu.

Idaho's Signature Potato Dish Puts the 'Gem' in Gem State

How Tater Tots ™ conquered America's small plates
Also known as country hash browns, potato bites, Asian moonz, batter bites, Harvest Splendor bites, Old European potato pancakes, po' balls, puf-ettes, spud bites, spud puppies, tater bucks, tater gems, tater puffs, tater roundabouts, tater sticks, tri-taters and, of course, Tater Tots.

State Street Eats

Fill your face for miles
From donuts to vegan fare and a truckload of options in between, you can satiate on State.

The Roll Call: Four Great Sushi Restaurants

Bright fish, bold flavors
Shige, Fujiyama, IOU and Superb Sushi

Falling Hook, Line and Sinker for Reel Foods

The Boise fish market has quite the al-lure
If your search for fresh seafood is floundering, set a course for Reel Foods Fish Market and Oyster Bar.

Good Sports: BoDo's Double Tap Pub

Owner Morgan Powell said his specialty is "definitely the burgers," and it's hard to argue with that.
"We're not the fastest, but we don't want to be."

Wrapped Up in Tango's Subs & Empanadas

Sweet and savory treats and subs on the cheap.
The Boise shop serves what might be the world's best and oldest Argentinian street food.

Perks of a Coffee Cocktail at Amsterdam's In-House Coffee Bar

"We can't make enough of our espresso martini."
The bar has several coffee cocktails on the menu, including its most popular, the chilled espresso martini--a concoction of Kahlua, Five Wives Heavenly Vodka and a shot of espresso.

Beyond Boise's Borders

Must-eat stops in Eagle, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell
We headed to the outer limits and found traditional baked goods, coffee and pastries, to-die-for Mexican dishes, burgers and more.

Boozing on the Boise Bench

A crawl around Boise's higher-altitude downtown
From the Cenozoic Tertiary Period to present, much has happened on the Boise Bench; not least of which is the proliferation of bars. We drank at a bunch of them. Here's what we found.

Boise Weekly's Bar and Restaurant Guide 2015

Editors' Notes
Presenting the Boise 50: Unique dishes, drinks and trends that inspire us.

Meat Your Maker

A carnivore's delight
From handmade spam to burgers that barely fit in your hand.

Swing by a Sugar Shack

For the sweetest of teeth
City of Trees? More like City of Treats.

Take a Bite of Old School Les Bois

A taste of the good old days
Three examples of classic Boise area cuisine.

Have a Fishy Feast

Don't let these ones get away
Some of the finest fish (and mollusks) in the sea.


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