Rick Springfield, August 4, Revolution 

Still rockin'

Becoming a world-renowned rockstar in the '80s was both a blessing and a curse. Fame, fans and money: blessing. Being known for one hit and considered a hackneyed novelty act 30 years later: curse. But Grammy Award-winning musician/actor Rick Springfield managed to dodge the death knell that clanged for so many of those good-looking pop stars who graced the pages of Tiger Beat magazine, even though mention of his name today is often followed by, "That's the 'Jessie's Girl' guy, right?" Springfield escaped fading into obscurity by working. A lot. As "Jessie's Girl," off his successful 1981 release Working Class Dog was rocketing to No.1, Springfield was also playing Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital (which he reprised in 2005). He not only released an album every few years for three decades, he had recurring roles and cameos in a number of TV shows, including Showtime's Californication, starring David Duchovny. Today, the still-handsome, 64-year-old Springfield is still rocking. Talk about blessed.

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