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Devotchka, Tuesday, August 30

In the mood for something a little different? Then get yourself down to the Neurolux on Tuesday, settle in and get ready for Devotchka.

This quirky foursome from Denver, Colorado, plays a mix of instruments including a theramin, trumpet, upright bass, accordion, glockenspiel and tuba, combining them all to play folk music, Eastern European music, Latin tunes and covers of Velvet Underground songs. Seriously.

Members Nick Urata, Tom Hagerman, Jeanie Schroder and Shawn King each bring his or her own talent to the quartet and make music that is somehow as old as the hills and as new as iPods. Urata is responsible for vocals, theremin, guitars, piano and trumpet. Hagerman plays violin, accordion and piano. Schroder plays the sousaphone, upright bass and also sings and King plays percussion (including drums) and trumpet. With little information out there about this unique group, it's not surprising if you've never heard of them. But you do need to hear them. Urata's plaintive vocals, backed by rich, full orchestral sounds on pieces like the title song "How it Ends" off their latest CD, put Devotchka in a place difficult to define. "World music" gives the impression that this band would have no appeal for people more interested in Top 40 or pop music. Not so. Devotchka's songs are full of love and loss, tradition and new beginnings-feelings all humans are familiar with. That's it. It's human music. The guitar and upright bass at the opening of "We're Leaving" are immediately followed by trumpets with a definite Latin flair, whereas on "Such A Lovely Thing," snare drums and violin build so beautifully, it's difficult not to break into dance.

Groups like Devotchka don't often last. The novelty wears off and bands either turn to more standard sounds, or give up all together. Devotchka will not be one of those groups. Their unique sound and more importantly, their ability to play it, guarantee them a spot in music perpetuity-if they want it.

Tuesday, August 30, with local Kris Doty, 9 p.m., $5, Neurolux, 111 N. 11th.

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