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The Posies, Oranger, Hopewell, October 15

As the music editor at Boise Weekly, I get press kits and CDs in the mail all of the time. Sometimes these are from bands I've never heard of. Sometimes they are from bands that I don't necessarily like. But, sometimes, I get a CD on my desk that is not only from a band I've heard of but dig. The Posies new CD, Every Kind of Light, is one of those CDs.

The Posies have been around since the early '80s and hold a special place in my heart for that alone. However, they are also great musicians. Every Kind of Light, they're first release in over six years, showcases The Posies' use of various forms of music. It's got elements of pop, jazz and blues. "Could He Treat You Better?" is a melancholy tune and "Conversations" has a kind of Dave Matthews Band sound--mellow in parts, faster and darker in others. There are layers of sound in the song that include triangle and violins. In the intimate setting of Bourbon Street with guests Oranger and Hopewell, this will be a great show

Hopewell and the Birds of Appetite is Hopewell's newest release. It's the kind of CD that you can listen to over and over and find something new each time. "Calcutta" is a song that you'll swear you've heard before. It has a Love and Rockets flavor that is raw and lush at the same time and the song includes trumpets, tambourine, gritty guitar, organ and soulful singing.

Oranger, is another groovy band that has been around for awhile. Their new release New Comes and Goes is one of the coolest CDs I've heard in awhile. You can hear tracks from it on their page, but you won't be able to resist buying the whole CD, especially after you listen to "Light Machine." Screechy, spacey sounds are paired with beautiful melodies and some sweet chord changes and has a permanent spot in my iTunes "favorites" playlist.

The Posies, Oranger, Hopewell, Saturday, October 15, 11 p.m., $10, Bourbon Street Saloon, 416 S. 9th St., upstairs

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