Robert Vasquez Presents The Straight Dope 

Those of us in the journalizin' biz can relate to how hard it is to look at a blank page and think, "I've got to fill that whole thing?!" But we won't put just anything on paper. Well, maybe sometimes. But that's why we're not running for political office.

Canyon County Commisioner Robert Vasquez, however, is running for Congress, and appears to have completely removed the filter between his brain and mouth. Take his seemingly innocuous August 9 press release, "Vasquez to Speak in San Diego Thursday." In it, Vasquez calls his own Republican Party "misguided," accuses a California school district superintendent of "(buckling) at the knees in his haste to appease the criminals," i.e., illegal immigrants. He also used the platform-if a local press release can be called that-to announce his endorsement of Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo for president. Tancredo, another anti-immigration pundit, is also known as the legislator who recently suggested that Mecca could be a viable U.S. military target (just in case we happen to run out).

Is it appropriate to use a county press release for these personal musings? Perhaps not, but from a press perspective, we're more prone to say: Woah, Bobby. Give us your barbs one at a time. The ability to stay on topic is the only thing that separates us from the blogging rabble.

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