Robin Thicke: The Evolution of Robin Thicke 

Robin Thicke's new album goes beyond good. Thicke--Growing Pains' Alan Thicke is his father--is a stellar artist and when I heard the first track on The Evolution of Robin Thicke, I knew I was listening to something different. I would recommend this CD to anyone I know everyone I meet.

The first track, "Got 2 Be Down," grabs you from the jump with percolating bass and jazz-style drums. The CD has a remarkable, flowing quality and every track on it is noteworthy, but a couple of them really stand out.

"Wanna Love U Girl" is an absolute showstopper. Thicke channels R&B legend Babyface and Pharrell Williams shows why he has been one of the best producers of the last decade with his hollow Triton keyboards and tom-tom drums that bounce like basketballs on a playground in the Bahamas.

"Cocaine" explains in less than five minutes the allure of that mystical white substance. "Angels" show that Thicke has a bit of a divine influence in his life, and is one of the album's high points.

Few people can make an album worth listening to at any given point. Artists have about a 10 percent potential success rate ... as in, only one out of every 10 artists "make it" and even fewer ever actually put out an album. For the stars to align, if only for 16 tracks as they did here, that's pretty evolutionary.

--Michael Butler

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