Roger Nusic, Thursday 12 

In college, I compiled an audiocassette of porno music and noises for a buddy's birthday gift. My buddy's girlfriend was studying abroad for the semester and I figured the tape would fill the void. To my knowledge, my buddy never sampled the tape, instead he superimposed his own live musical stylings on it to create some kind of orgiastic palimpsest. He also didn't prance around a darkened bar in a gold lame cape. Had he chosen this path, he would have followed in Roger Nusic's bizarre footsteps. To say that Nusic is out there is to miss the point-out there was a few exits back. Supporting the release of his latest album, Burn or Save, Nusic played to the truly dedicated and the merely curious at the Neurolux. Despite lackluster acoustics, Nusic managed to enthrall the crowd with his own brand of spectacle, often entering the crowd with his violin like a deranged mariachi. At one point he stopped his set to give away copies of the new CD to lucky (?) raffle ticket holders. Love him or hate him, and he'd prefer the former, Nusic represents an original voice in the musical wilderness where so much is derivative.

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