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Boise Bicycle Project on the move

The Boise Bicycle Project has officially signed the lease on its new home, and now, the group just has to figure out how to move. But there is a plan.

Stage No. 1: the truck and trailer move. Group organizers are recruiting anyone with a truck and/or trailer who can help move the large equipment—tool benches, shelves and tables—on Friday, June 26.

Stage No. 2: the human-powered bike move. BBC has to move 250 bicycles to the new location, 1027 Lusk St., and is looking for at least 100 volunteers to help ride them over on Saturday, June 27, from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Organizers estimate it will take roughly one hour for one person to move two bikes from the old location on the corner of Sixth and Front streets. The route is less than a mile long and largely follows the Greenbelt. The trip means meeting at the old location, riding to the new one, then walking back for round two.

As an added incentive, anyone who helps with the move will get $10 off any level of BBP membership, which allows access to the facility and equipment.

And while finding a more permanent home is a big step for BBP, the group still has a wish list to outfit the new location. Topping the list is $300 to industrial shelving for multi-level bike storage, old recycling containers or similar non-cardboard boxes for storage of bike parts, lumber and heavy-duty wall hooks.

Once everything is in place, BBP will host a grand opening on Saturday, July 11, although details on that are still being hammered out.

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