Roostmade Co. Organic Wood Finish 

We are in a golden age of DIY creativity. However, the joy and gratification of making something with your own hands may be tempered by the risks associated with the instruments necessary to create. Take for example woodworking. From power tools to toxic solvents, anything from a momentary distraction to overexposure can cause permanent damage.

Tools of the trade must always be used with the utmost caution, but Roostmade Organic Wood Finish removes some of the danger. Now, breathing in the chemicals found in traditional wood stains and seals no longer has to be part of your art. Roostmade, "wood finish with a soul," is made in San Diego from a "proprietary blend of FDA food-safe ingredients." It is plant-based and contains no volatile organic compounds, alkyd resins or driers, common ingredients in traditional finishes. Plus, Roostmade has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, "a global leader in the movement to combat climate change," and for each Roostmade product sold, three trees are planted.

Now, that's some responsible creativity.

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