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Re: “The Secret Life

If the murders of innocent victims weren’t so serious, Bill “Mitty” Cope’s personal projection of how he would like to act, if he wasn’t too incompetent and irresponsible to carry concealed, would be funny. I hope Mr. “Mitty” Cope and the other equally cowardly Anti-Freedom Nazis will start wearing identification pins stating something to the effect of: “If you see me, or my loved ones, being violently assaulted DO NOT RESCUE US IF YOU HAVE A GUN! Guns only escalate violence.” That way valuable police time won’t be wasted rushing to the aid of Mr. “Mitty” Cope, with those “TERRIBLE guns!” Tell us Mr. “Mitty” Cope; If you are unwilling to protect yourself, what right do you have to expect another person to risk his or her life to protect yours? It has long proven to be the case that those people too cowardly to take responsibility for their own protection, mock the people that lack such cowardice. Mr. “Mitty” Cope stated: “Should you be confused about what's going on here ... in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, there was and continues to be a hue and cry from gun proponents that the tragedy might have been averted if all the "good guys" were allowed to carry concealed firearms wherever they go.” So tell us the name of the many, many, massacres where the victims were not first disarmed either by “company policy” or “Government mandate”: Columbine? Red Lake? Pearl High School? The IBM office in Hawaii? Luby’s in Killeen, TX? Shoney’s in Anniston, AL? VA Tech? The Appalachian School of Law? Oops! My bad! Pearl, Shoney’s, the Appalachian School of Law, shouldn’t have been in that list since the massacres were stopped by ARMED intended victims. Tell us Mr. “Mitty” Cope: Where have armed intended victims increased the death toll of any massacre? Please tell us Mr. “Mitty” Cope, which massacre settings has the highest body count; massacres in “Gun-Rich” settings (police stations, shooting ranges, gun shows) or “Gun-Free” massacre settings (schools, restaurants, offices)? The Anti-Freedom Nazis have long fostered the “Sheep mentality” and now the cowardice is showing fruit in the form of the massacres of the innocent we are increasingly seeing. We hear the constant bleating of the sheeple Anti-Freedom Nazis: “Baaaa! Eassssssy avalibillllity of GUNNNNNS! Baaaaa!” In the first 158 years of this Nation, unless you were BLACK or some other “Undesirable” race, the racism of the gun control proponents started early in this Country, guns were available to all FREE people the same as any other tool, young or old, convicted felon or not, no questions asked. An 8-year-old, who had the money, could buy a REAL machinegun up until 1934! How many schools came under automatic weapons fire? In the first 192 years of this Nation, a child could walk into Ace hardware, Sears and Roebuck, or many five and dimes, lay down the money and walk out with a handgun, or long gun with no waiting period and questions asked. Or if the child so chose, the U.S. Postal Service would deliver the guns to the child’s front door. How common were school massacres in those days prior to 1968? In 1968, we saw “reasonable gun control laws” forced down the throats of the law-abiding. Then, the “Gun-Free School Zone” law was passed, and in the 10+ years since, we have had over 35 school massacres. Yet, how many school massacres has Israel experienced in the twenty years since arming their school faculty, parents, grandparents and older students against trained and dedicated terrorist that targeted their school children? Of course it’s unfair to compare Israel and the U.S. . . . Israel wanted to PROTECT their children, not to simply use them as political tools. Another question for those who can think rationally: What new gun control law would have STOPPED Cho? Remember that guns are TOTALLY BANNED on the VA Tech campus. What do the Anti-Freedom Nazis propose would be more restrictive than “TOTALLY BANNED”? Listen to what the fools are telling us! Logic clearly shows the Anti-Freedom Nazis want more restrictive laws written . . . that will only restrict the law-abiding. Rape, Robbery and Murder are already illegal, does this fact stop the NON-Law-Abiding? “We should make ALL guns illegal EVERYWHERE!” Meaning illegal like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine? AH! So that way, only those willing to violate the law, will have guns? What does logic say will be the results, when only those willing to violate the law, possess guns and their victims are defenseless?

Posted by S Howton on 05/25/2007 at 7:43 AM

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