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Re: “Assaults at ICC Accelerate

I was in there during the occurrence of this fight. I was housed directly across the hall through windows. Our whole pod was able to view the entire incident directly through the glass. It is my understanding, if this is the same case, that the plaintiff was actually an informant for the guards and told on the wrong people for possessing narcotics. This may help to explain the reason for his injuries. It is not uncommon for "snitches" to get physically assaulted while in prison. The only way of recognizing if this is the same incident is by my identification of the alledged victims race. He had an Arab name, and a few extra pounds.
Shortly before this incident there was a massive drug test for entire group of people in P2. Some of those individuals who were tested were probably also part of some organization within the prison. It is most likely their understanding, as is mine, that this individual told the guards that they had drugs, were going to do drugs, or were part of selling drugs, and therefore the gang retaliated. It is a standard occurrence in prison, and on the streets, that if you deal with these types of people and you are in any way in connection with their arrest, detainment, or sanction, then you are probably subject to severe physical punishment. I do believe he was being extorted daily for his medications and other commissary items. Possibly due to a deal made with this group of individuals that was never followed up on or payment for something was never made as was promised. Most of the time in ICC, if you make a deal with someone and you don't pay them, there is going to be swift and immediate reprimand. Sometimes this can take the shape of such a beating.
There are men in there who train hours out of every day. There might only be a couple guards at this prison in particular who are actually capable of taking them down without pepper spray. Through my eyes I saw that there were some counselors in the same room and guards outside the windows watching. It is my understanding that they were unable to "move in" on the perpetrator because the SERT team had not arrived yet. The guards are unable to do anything until that unit moves in. The guards are merely paid radios and the only ones with power to really prevent anything are those who are called once the incident has already begun to occur. It seems as though ICC's policies regarding any type of safety for the inmates are in severe need of revision.
While I was there I witnessed, first hand, the incompetence of the employees. Through further observation I noticed that the company ICC doesn't treat it's employees properly, which could also have something to do with their extremely high turnover rate.
This facility is a for-profit corporation. IDOC does not have the oversight or the means necessary to make sure they are operating within the proper guidelines. There are a lot of things can go unnoticed because they aren't going to report their own mis-doings if there is no way for them to be found out in the first place, i.e. not enough oversight.
I witnessed first hand the extremely poor professional standards of ICC's counselors and staff. I have many accounts that I could go into detail with, but now is not the time nor the place.
Idaho's correctional department and other law enforcement that all work together to catch criminals have turned the system into a capitalistic enterprise. With ICC making 47 dollars a day per inmate, you think if they can keep the doors full, expansion will contintue and stock prices will continue to soar. It is a business that can not fail because of the strict policies and corrupt behavior through the police, the courts, the judges(especially those who own stock in CCA, Copsey&Nevel) and finally the housing institutions. The people who sit at the top of the totem pole are making very hefty salaries, and they will continue to do so as long as the department is expanding, housing, and bringing in tax payer dollars.
The sad thing is that most of the people they are sending out to this "gladiator school", which it is, are youngsters who are probably more ruined having gone there than they would have been on the streets. I firmly believe that sending 18 kids to violent prisons is in no way shape or form good for society. I believe that they get engrained with this prison mentality and depending on how long they spend in there, it can stick with them for life. Or even worse, the minute they get out, they re-offend because they have been trained by the prisoners whether they knew it or not. No mater what you tell yourself, some of that prison will wear off on you and who knows what that could lead to later on. Sure the public was protected for the last two years, but now we have this severely violent criminal who is going to be released to society and who may inflict even greater damage because of this "prison experience".

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Posted by saintnick88 on 03/30/2011 at 3:26 PM

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