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Re: “The Other Social Network

(On the BPL meter, here, so please forgive the disconnect.)

Agreed that c.158 complaints getting the big ho-hum is a sign that someone's eating too many sedatives. Or that after due-diligence review someone with fact mastery has in fact determined that none of our complaints have merit. Or something.

The theory & practice of probability have outliers: Sometimes with a sample of 158 all 158 go away. Your petition does not change the odd fact of bad odds when the deck is stacked and when all the power is loaded on the other side of the room. Nor does 501(c)(3), which does not necessarily confer federal $$ or federal protections beyond preventing public accommodations from discriminating on the basis of race, gender, or previous conditions of certitude.

Did ACLU tell you that your expulsion from ISHS was federally-defined discrimination? Did they say you have a case?

And never-mind ACLU. What about ASPCA? Suppose those long cold Sanctuary check-in lines, the hour+ of doing a thorazine shuffle at 0-dark-30 and at -3 Fahrenheit while waiting to get through the door, suppose those weren't 100 mere underclass humans doing the shuffle. Suppose those were 100 dogs. ASPCA & PETA would shut the place down.

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Posted by sandalista on 02/06/2013 at 3:26 PM

Re: “The Other Social Network

Invective is equivalent to a Mac-10 Streetsweeper: if it hits an intended target, it's utterly an accident. My concern about Mac-10 rhetoric (Nazis & Fascists & Sheeple, oh my) was directed at the renegade who has spent too much quality time in the Savage Wiener Nation or with Alex Jones. My comments were not directed at or to Heather, whose time at Sanctuary was up before I belatedly realized that she was and is real.

When I finally figured out that she's genuine, she was gone baby gone. She was indeed one of us. She was not on a mercenary mission to collect a book's worth of snark about ROL missionaries and Sanctuary saints.

My favorite musician looks like Heather, and Heather looks like my favorite musician, Natalie MacMaster. I could not sufficiently suspend disbelief to believe that Natalie's lovely (Minnesota) twin was, without ulterior motive, bunking in a Sanc bunk near Sanc porta-pots. And enduring some of the casual disrespect or humiliation with which some of us are familiar. To stipulate as I did that there's nothing Nazi about Sanctuary is not to deny that many sanc-centric complaints posted and posited here are true.

Climbing up this thread, somebody commented that you've really got to be really wicked to be de-sanc'd, to get kicked to the curb. Heather was punted (are you ready for this?) for occasionally leaving stuff other than bedding on her bed. Or so I was told by the same source who confirmed that Big Mark, BM, sabotaged Heather's computer with an unbreakable BIOS lockdown. (Cha-Ching!!!$$$ Maybe I've got enough Sanc snark to write a Woodstein deep-throat mercenary blockbuster best-seller!!! With movie rights!!!$$$)

Sanc is not Dachau. Sanc isn't even a Bob Crane Hogan stalag. And, if Bob Crane weren't dead, he could play Dan in the movie. But let's be very clear and very honest: One of the best people on the planet is a Sanctuary manager. She's in a position of authority and she does not abuse her authority. She's a one-woman-power-trip-free zone. God bless her, and God bless Heather always, all ways.

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Posted by sandalista on 02/06/2013 at 2:40 PM

Re: “The Other Social Network

Zombiefied Sheeple. Orwellian Obamunist Fascist 4th Reich. Is that you, Textbroker Dave?

Dave, by the way, earned the gratitude of a grateful nation when he drop-kicked Big Mark, BM, through the goalposts of the Sanctuary's togetherness room.

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Posted by sandalista on 01/27/2013 at 3:40 PM

Re: “The Other Social Network

& let us cease with the Nazi-goon/Nazi-concentration-camp riff. Cheap-shot trash talk is effective only when it comes close to hitting a target. There's not a Nazi bit among any of the unsanctified secular saints who run or use sanc, although the loooooooooooong check-in lines remind me of something in Corrie's book about Ravensbrück. Oh well.

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Posted by sandalista on 01/25/2013 at 4:19 PM

Re: “The Other Social Network

I apologize to Heather. While talking to her in library-whisper mode at the Sanctuary Annex (aka BPL) I assumed that someone so uncommonly smart had to be doing undercover Ehrenreich recon if she was hanging with commoners like me. So, having utterly misjudged her, I stopped talking to her.

Ehrenreich is the strong smart woman who did a skank-sanc tour of the underclass, then wrote a book about it & cashed in. Assumed that strong smart Heather was on the same bad trip.

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Posted by sandalista on 01/25/2013 at 4:09 PM

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