Saturday Night's All Right•Fiction 101 

Saturday night's all right

We don't go all out celebrating birthdays around the office. Sometimes a cake might show up, like for the publisher's birthday last month, when the staff enjoyed a Black Forest cake (the Pub's favorite) that was not touched by the b-girl. Apparently she's really sticking close to her diet and workout routine and looks faaaabbulloouuuss if you haven't seen her lately. But mostly we just mention birthdays in the staff meetings on Friday.

That's why I'm reluctantly announcing my own birthday coming up this Saturday. It's not a call for presents, well wishing or any of the usual stuff associated with an annual event (although subconsciously I may be craving a little attention.) I'm just letting you know because as I continue to meet people, they are constantly surprised that "I'm so young." Well folks, I will be 38 years old at 12:08 p.m. Saturday. I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and still like sitting around in just my birthday suit (even though they've asked me to stop doing that at the office). And if you must get me something, I like cigars, fine spirits and woodblock letters.

Fiction 101

If you are reading this on the weekend, you are too late. If you happen to be passionate about Boise Weekly, waiting by the newsrack for our delivery drivers to drop off this week's edition on Wednesdays, then you may still have time. "Time for what my logorrheic friend?," you may ask. Well, I'll tell you.

Get out your pens and paper and write your 101 word short fiction story. You must spell everything correctly, punctuate properly and tell a good yarn in EXACTLY 101 words (contractions count as one, headlines aren't counted in the total). Then, along with a Hamilton ($10 for those who don't know their dead presidents) per entry (or an equivalent form of payment equaling five Jeffersons, you have to have it in our offices by 5 p.m. Friday, December 9. This is big cash prizes folks. The winner last year pulled in over $500. That's five Benjamins to start the new year right. Our judges will evaluate and the winners will be announced in the January 4 issue. Get 'em in early and make sure you count your words correctly. A word has a space in front and behind it.

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