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As sure as leaves turning colors...

Mine has been a plague house for the past 10 days or so. After a summer of mostly good health, my children went back to daycare and promptly caught some kind of super-powered cold/flu bug, which every bit as promptly spread to my wife and me.

As I write this on a Monday afternoon, I am home with my 7-month-old daughter who, the doctor informed me earlier, has dual ear infections. After a dose of her newly prescribed medications, she is finally sleeping.

A late-summer round of illness has been a routine in my family's life for some years now. My wife, an adjunct professor at Boise State University and a middle-school teacher before that, has been our resident Typhoid Mary since at least 2010. Now our kids are of childcare age, and they contribute their own special strains of virus and bacterial infection. It is part of the change of seasons as sure as leaves turning colors and squirrels littering my yard with black walnut shells—which brings us to this week's edition of Boise Weekly and a range of back-to-school themed coverage.

First, BW Staff Writer Harrison Berry revisits Boise State's pilot program to help students deal with the perils of underage drinking. Our Citizen conversation is with Kelci Lynn Lucier, who literally wrote the book on managing college stress. In the center of this week's paper, you'll find a selection of facts, data and statistics on higher education both in Idaho and around the country. Finally, BW News Editor George Prentice profiles a local student who has achieved an amazing distinction as a young playwright.

On another note—and speaking of social, rather than physical, ills—don't miss Prentice's shocking report about the new tent city that has materialized near Americana Boulevard in the winding street behind Interfaith Sanctuary.

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