Science Saturdays: Paper Making 

Saturday, Feb. 1

No matter how you cut it, paper is a miracle. In the second century C.E., a Chinese eunuch invented the modern pulping process, reducing the Imperial Court's reliance on silk for official documents--and increasing supplies of textiles available for trade. Today, despite innovations like email and text messaging, no communique has the same feel as one written on paper.

The distinct pleasure of reading and writing on paper may be a little hard to grasp, especially for a kid who came of age with an iPad in hand. That's why the Discovery Center, as part of its Science Saturdays program, is hosting Paper Making. From 9 a.m.-noon for kids grades 1-3, and from 1-4 p.m. for grades 4-6, children learn about the industry of paper making. They'll get up-close and personal with different kinds of paper, where they come from and how they're made. Then they'll make paper of their own using recycled materials.

The Cabin Executive Director Britt Udesen, who took up papermaking and printing at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, The Sun Valley Center for the Arts, and Textile Center of Minnesota, teaches the class.

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