Scratch Lounge 

The Scratch Lounge is the Snuggie of cat toys. While on one paw, it makes ridiculous claims to have revolutionized "cat-scratch technology," on the other, it's impossible for a cat owner to watch the commercial without wanting one.

Made using 100 percent recyclable materials and nontoxic wheat-based glue, the Scratch Lounge is a three-sided, corrugated cardboard armchair. Just sprinkle a pinch of the included primo Canadian catnip--"coveted by kitty connoisseurs everywhere"--and watch your cat go nuts rolling, scratching, rubbing and napping in his or her new relaxation station.

But this toy isn't just for housecats. When given a go at the Scratch Lounge, Boxer the African serval and Pablo the bobcat were also whipped into a feline frenzy. Sold.

The Scratch Lounge Web site is filled with photos of happy cat-stomers enjoying their new scratch toy instead of their owners' expensive drapery. According to one testimonial, even the fat cats love it:

"Who said cat lounges are only for small, limber kittens? Weighing in at 17 lbs. and 19 lbs. each, respectively, my cats--NASDAQ and Starbucks--enjoy their lounges to the fullest!"

If your city kitty needs a Scratch Lounge of his own, throw on some Ted Nugent and zip off to Zamzows. This toy is sure to cure cat scratch fever in no time.

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