Second Auction Scheduled to Sell-Off More of Shuttered Tamarack Village Plaza 

"This sale should be viewed as another step in the completion of the larger Tamarack foreclosure."

If all goes as planned, unfinsihed and/or empty buildings at the Tamarack Village Plaza won't be the only things sold in July at the Valley County resort. The McCall Star-News reports that an extensive list of uninstalled building materials are also scheduled to be sold.

Furniture, elevator cabs, heating and cooling equipment, bathtubs, sheet metal, electrical conduits, restaurant equipment and vehicle tires are all on the "for sale" list at an auction scheduled for Monday, July 15.

That's in addition to the already-scheduled sheriff's auction, scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, when the Village Plaza complex and an unfinished wing of the Lodge at Osprey Meadows will be on the block.

"This sale should be viewed as another step in the completion of the larger Tamarack foreclosure," David Papiez, controller and asset manager of Tamarack Resort LLC told the Star-News.

In 2007, the Tamarack Resort, just outside of Donnelly, had experienced about $500 million in real estate sales, and the ski runs were being hailed as some of the best in North America. That was then. Today, the resort's village plaza is eerily silent: restaurants are padlocked and half-completed lodges are abandoned behind ugly makeshift fences.

Tamarack homeowners remind the public that their ski runs, golf course and bike trails are still open.

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