Second Woman Contracts Necrotizing Fascitis 

The flesh-eating bacteria has attacked a second woman in the US.

The rare flesh-eating bacteria known as necrotizing fasciitis has attacked a second woman in the US.

According to USA Today, Lana Kuykendall is being treated at Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina with a necrotizing fasciitis infection.

"Right now, we are just very worried, very upset," Krissy Davison, a friend of Kuykendall, told WLTX-TV.

Kuykendall had just given birth to twins two days prior to her diagnosis.

MSNBC reported, one day after giving birth Kuykendall began experiencing pain in her leg. As a paramedic she immediately knew something was wrong. She went to the hospital, however she was sent home when tests revealed nothing.

The next day Kuykendall noticed a lesion on the back of her left leg.

Kuykendall's husband, Darren Kuykendall, told 11 News, "That scared her. She thought it was a blood clot. So we rushed immediately to Greenville Memorial Hospital."

According to Fox News, doctors quickly determined she was suffering from flesh-eating bacteria. They performed four surgeries in six days. Surgeons removed tissue from her leg to keep the bacteria from spreading.

Kuykendall is still in critical condition, however doctors were able to remove the bacteria without having to amputate any limbs. Darren Kuykendall said, "They are saying things are leaning her way. Her vitals are good and her lab results are looking good."

That was not the case for Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old Georgia woman who contracted necrotizing fasciitis on May 1. GlobalPost reported Copeland contracted the bacteria after a zip lining accident in Georgia. Since her accident, Copeland has had her leg and fingers amputated due to the bacteria. She is still listed in critical condition.

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