September 1 2004 


If you have a job you already know this, but new research proves that people with psychopathic tendencies are all around us, and those who do not turn violent tend to rise to positions of power thanks to their ruthless, narcissistic personalities. Professor Robert Hare of the University of British Columbia calls them "corporate psychopaths," and his study concludes that probably one in a hundred people fall into this category and often succeed in management and finance. They will not usually be violent, says Dr. Hare, but tend to be manipulative, arrogant, callous, impatient, impulsive, unreliable, and superficially charming, personality traits that are shared with those who end up as sadistic killers. "Wherever you find money, prestige and power you will find them," concluded Dr. Hare. (BBC)


Surprising results from experiments carried out at the New South Wales School of Psychology has found that people who are in a bad mood exhibit all-around better thinking skills than people who are happy. Two separate experiments seemed to show that people in bad moods make better eyewitnesses to events and are more effective at creating persuasive arguments. Among the many benefits of being in a bad mood are more reliable memory, better judgment, superior critical thinking and communication skills. "The results showed that eyewitness accounts of people in a negative mood are more likely to be accurate compared to those in a positive mood state," said Professor Forgas, adding that "It shows that our recollection of past events are more likely to be contaminated by irrelevant information when we are in a positive mood. A positive mood is likely to trigger less careful thinking strategies." (


Russian scientists have figured out a way to make chocolate biscuits and yogurt drinks out of blood, and believe they are within six months of mass producing the new food items for delivery to your local supermarket. Ludmilla Antipova and Alexei Nikolaichik of Voronezh State Academy in Russia began their experimental recipes about 12 years ago when they learned that the meat plant in their town was discarding up to seven tons of blood daily. Realizing that they were sitting on a gold mine of cheap, fat-free protein they got to work on turning the blood into tasty treats. And now they're done. The chocolate filling in their biscuits is made from cow blood cells and their yogurt drink is a mixture of plasma and bacteria. The can also make a coffee substitute out of cow's blood. They claim that their blood-based foods taste just as good as the real thing, and hope to make a fortune selling blood to the processed food industry, as it is up to five times cheaper to manufacture than dairy products. Blood also contains virtually no fat and is loaded with iron and protein. (Telegraph)


While the steroid-pumped athletes and corrupt judges of the Olympics continue to tarnish the thrill of competitive sports, there's still a chance to witness competition in its purest form at the Football World Cup for the Homeless taking place in Sweden. The tournament pits the homeless of 28 different nations to see who will reign supreme as the World Football champions. Last year he Austrians took the glory, but this year they'll face a stiff-challenge from strong teams out of Brazil, France, Japan and the U.S. (won't they be surprised to find that football is played with a soccer ball!) Organizer Berhard Wolf says that the tournament has been designed both to highlight the problem of homelessness and also to help the homeless overcome their problems, and he claims that last years event was a huge success with 31 of the 141 players now holding regular jobs. "It is ... pure therapy for those taking part," says Wolf, "because football has a magic effect." (BBC) :

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