September 10, 2018: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • There was a major upset at the U.S. Open this weekend, when 20-year-old Naomi Osaka of Japan defeated American tennis star Serena Williams, winning the title of grand slam champion—a first for a Japanese singles player. Even more newsworthy than Williams' defeat, though, was the reaction of the crowd, which heralded Osaka's win with a chorus of boos. That reaction likely came because the game was dominated by Williams' conflict with the umpire, who gave her a code violation and two penalties, one a game penalty for an outburst in which she called him a "thief." The BBC reports that Williams called that penalty "sexist," citing male tennis players who have ranted at umpires without blowback. The WTA, the body that governs women's tennis, came out in support of Williams' claim.

  • The New York Times reports that CBS Corporation Chief Executive Leslie Moonves stepped down Sunday following new sexual harassment allegations against him that hit the press that same day. Though Moonves is set to receive a hefty severance package (sources told The Times it may surpass $120 million), $20 million of it will go to one or more organizations which advocate women's equality in the workplace.

  • Fear, a new book by veteran political journalist Bob Woodward, will join the many titles that have already been written about Donald Trump's presidency on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Trump has denounced the book's bleak picture of his presidency (it paints him as impulsive, scattered and juvenile), calling it "a scam" in a tweet Sept. 7. "These quotes were made up. The author uses every trick in the book to demean and belittle," Trump wrote. Meanwhile, Woodward told NPR that he stands behind his reporting, and that although some top officials have come out denying quotes attributed to them, he feels they did so out of "political necessity," part of "the great Washington denial machine."

  • In more uplifting news, Wallethub has ranked Idaho sixth on its list of the happiest states in America. Factors in the ranking included the percent of depressed adults, the rate of adequate sleep, the long-term unemployment rate, the number of hours people work, the volunteer rate, safety and the separation and divorce rate. Hawaii took the top spot on the list, while West Virginia came in as the most unhappy state in the country.

  • The Board of Ada County Commissioners announced Friday that there will now be additional parking for Boise State University home games in the Civic Plaza Complex parking garage between Front and Myrtle streets near Winco. A total of 600 spaces will be available starting three hours in advance of home games. Each space will cost $5, with proceeds going to the Faces of Hope Victim Center.

  • Also on Friday, Idaho Conservation League issued health advisories for both Lake Cascade and Lake Lowell because of the discovery of blue-green algae. Visitors are asked to avoid contact with the water at both lakes and keep their pets from swimming in or drinking the water until further notice.
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