September 13—19 

Pat, Pat

You deserve a pat on the back, BW. That was a very nice guide to Art in the Park that you published.

--Ferdinand Galliano,


Rah Rah Rail!

I am writing to express my appreciation for the article you wrote, "Last Train to Boise" (BW, August 26). It is a source of disappointment to me that the railroad tracks are not used to provide transportation for the public.Last December, I took advantage of Mayor Bieter's "Saturday Office Hours" to bring up the subject of resuming Amtrak service to Boise. He was enthusiastic, but told me it was a federal matter; all the city could do is to pass a resolution of support. The Mayor told me that Senators Mike Crapo and Ron Wyden were trying to get Amtrak back to Boise and he suggested that I write to them. I did, but received no response. I also wrote to several other Congressmen urging that Amtrak be reinstated so we can re-connect to Portland, Denver, etc. The only response I received was from Mike Simpson. In a nutshell, he said that Amtrak fails to operate with a profit, so it is not feasible to bring it back to Idaho. Your idea to include the present rail system as part of daily commuter rail makes sense, because it is likely to serve more riders from Idaho than Amtrak would. When I was buying my house, which is only four doors down from the tracks, the realtor told me that there had been talk about converting the system to "light rail." This gives me the impression that the subject has been floating around for awhile.

Thanks for bringing the issue out in the open, Mr. Collias. If you have an opportunity to report on the progress of this issue, and public transportation in general, I encourage you to do so again

--Sue Soper,


Rall: Not on Ball

I take some issue with Ted Rall's perspective on the Democratic response to the war in Iraq (BW, Rall, "Taking Our Brain Off the Ball," September 6) . I can't argue the point of beating to death the phrase, "eye off the ball". But the major point is: The phrase is true.

The Iraq war is nothing more than a smoke screen for Bush's pathetic attempt to commandeer Middle Eastern oil. And by labeling the Iraq debacle as a "war on terror," Georgie is trying to distract the American populace from the truly important national issues.  God knows, we should all be syrupy-pleased at the repeated tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Ted wants to point out that Osama bin Laden is no longer in Afghanistan. I don't doubt that. But he was there for a long time, and our military "intelligence" couldn't catch up to his scrawny ass. The reason we invaded Afghanistan in the first place was because the Taliban was harboring Osama bin Laden following the 9/11 attacks and thumbing their collective noses at the U.S. in the process. Nevermind that we aided them in their quest for independence from Russia.  (Ungrateful little maggots.)

The painful truth is: Short of the Salem witch trials, and slavery, Bush is the most shameful thing that has ever happened to this country. Poor, poor Ted ... I really expected a little more IQ out of you.

--Barb Fairchild,



Do you remember me?

I am America, and I remember you!

Five years! How fast time flies.

It seems like yesterday and yet I've had one half of a decade to dwell on it.

I've saved the memories in a special compartment in my mind and I access them regularly in order to keep them fresh and vivid. They fan the flames of patriotic fervor.

Osama, did you know that when you touch flames, you're bound to get burned?

I remember you, Osama! I remember with the consciousness of many!

In your ignorance you thought me meek and mild.

You saw me as a sheep ready for slaughter.

With my Stepford style houses, my movies and my credit cards,

You thought me easy pickings and like a coyote you moved on me!

You forgot one thing, Osama. Sometimes what is perceived to be a weak and easy prey is not exactly what it seems.

There is often a wolf hidden there inside of the sheep's clothing.

A wolf will always win in battle against the cowardly coyote!

Remember this, Osama:

Five years, wow!

Has it really been that long?

We both know that it has.

We shall meet again, you and I.

Sincerely and with fortitude,


--Tereasa Sanders-Halligan,



In last week's cover story, we let two mistakes slip by. First, the book signing at historian Carol Lynn MacGregor's house was on Thursday, not Friday. And, in one reference to MacGregor's book, Boise, Idaho 1882-1910: Prosperity in Isolation, we mistakenly used the date 1919. If you went to her house on Friday asking for her to sign your 1919 book, you must have looked like a real ass. Sorry.

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