September 20, 2006 

"Visions and messages some think are coming from outer space or heaven could be emanating from the inner space of their own minds.” —Dawn Morgan

Dear Dream Zone, I have a recurring dream that I have had since I was a young girl. In these dreams I have to go to the bathroom in a public place. The stall doors are always gone, the toilet is disgusting covered with you-know-what, and the ground is gross too. The floor is never level so I always lose my balance and fall into the disgusting toilet! How I can stop having this awful dream. —Dolly 43, Scottsdale, AZ

Lauri: This recurring dream reflects a recurring behavior you have had since you were a girl. The bathroom symbolizes your ability to "relieve yourself" of any frustration you have been "holding in.” And the "you-know-what" in your dream is the "crap" you are dealing with at that time. The slanted floor is telling you that that there is an imbalance within your personality. No girlfriend, I'm NOT telling you that you have a chemical imbalance or need medication ... nay, nay! This dream is showing you a behavior weakness (and we ALL have weaknesses and strengths in our personalities). You—like me—probably have a hard time letting it be known when you are really upset. Rather than letting others know that you’re upset, you “hold it in.” The message of these dreams is this: The more you allow your crap to build up, the bigger "mess" you'll have to deal with in the end!

Dolly replies: All I can say is WOW!! I do take a lot of "crap" in my life, from my childhood, to my job as a flight attendant, to my somewhat controlling (OK very controlling husband). I am going to start looking for some books to read to learn how to get my point across to people and stop caring what they think of me!! Know that you have helped another person in this world to better themselves.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Recent studies show that when a subject is trying to quit smoking, the more he dreams of smoking the more successful he will be at quitting!

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