Sex and the City Supersized 

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha provide pure, unadulterated fun

Sales of cosmopolitans last weekend may have caused a vodka shortage for many bars in the Treasure Valley. Simultaneously, men were puzzled over a strange clacking echoing throughout town. That was the sound of a thousand high heels click-clacking their way down the sidewalks from local watering holes to every movie theater in Boise showing the anticipated movie version of HBO’s wildly popular show Sex and the City.

If you didn’t have May 30 written down on your calendar, you might think Bradshaw, Hobbs, Jones and York-Goldenblatt was the name of a law firm. But for those in the know, May 30 marked the return of SATC, and a long overdue reunion with not a law firm, but with Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Samantha Jones and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, the beloved, revolutionary women from SATC responsible for vodka cocktail trends, big flower accessories and an obsession with shoes. SATC super-fans waited four years for the transition to the big screen, but with so much anticipation for the film version, were these diehard fans disappointed?

“No, it was better than I thought it would be,” said Arin Arthur, SATC lover and weekend premiere attendee. “It wasn’t quite the fluff piece that I was expecting,” she asserted, smiling brightly as she sipped her fancy vodka drink.

Although media critics gave the film version mediocre reviews, fan and viewer reviews raved wildly in accordance with Arthur’s summation. SATC raked in $55.7 million in the United States during its opening weekend.

How does the movie compare to the show? For one thing, it was, of course, significantly longer than a regular episode. The almost two and half hour runtime certainly put pressure on those Cosmo drinkers who indulged in pre-movie parties. Evidence of this was visible from the line that trailed nearly 100 yards outside the women’s bathroom at the downtown Edward’s movie theater. But in this reviewer’s opinion, bathroom lines were a small price to pay for the enjoyment of five times the viewing length of the TV show. Any price would be well worth the over 300 costume changes in which the ladies grace the screen.

No spoilers here, but viewers can be sure that there will be plenty of laughing, swooning, and a few tears, in the true style of the show. There is plenty of eye candy from nude muscular male bodies to high fashion and enough Manolo Blahniks to make a grown woman cry.

Performances are identical to those in the show. The women are smart and sassy, and the men are little more than caricatures of various male stereotypes. While the movie has several moments of emotional depth and plenty of lessons in loving and living, it is glossier and shinier than the TV show, with plenty of unrealistic materialism.

But for fans, that’s a major part of the allure. Female viewers can still submerge themselves in NYC, and pretend that men like Big, Harry, Steve and Smith might really exist. And from the looks of the dresses, shoes, lipstick and smiles at theaters in Boise this weekend, hordes of women were happy to set aside reality and drink in the intoxicating hooch that a movie like this offers. SATC delivered more than just a long-awaited reunion with my favorite fictional New York gals. It was a shopping trip without buyer’s remorse and credit card debt. It was pure, unadulterated fun, perfect and pretty as a picture.

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