Sgt. Disco: Circus Devils 

I'll be the first guy to stand up and applaud true creativity regardless of how esoteric and inaccessible it may be. Like, for example, The Mars Volta or Frank Zappa or Miles Davis in the second half of the '70s. But I think Sgt. Disco missed the mark. I'm reminded of early Pink Floyd before they learned how to control their weirdness. It's not that there aren't some great ideas in this disc. In fact, the lyrical content alone could provide for a lifetime of contemplation. It's just that, at a whopping 32 tracks, whatever good ideas Sgt. Disco wanted to present get lost in a sea of musical fragments. Some of the tracks aren't even 30 seconds long. It's almost as if the group just arbitrarily recorded whatever random ideas happened to pop into their heads. Some of them are very interesting, but some of them are nothing short of annoying. At times, it seems as though the musicians were lazy in their performance. The singing is often lackluster as if to suggest that they were in a hurry to get through it so they could move on to the next wacky idea. Maybe they were going for a sort of lo-fi aesthetic. Either way, it just doesn't work. I'm reminded of certain "modern art" pieces like the guy who tacked a bunch of garbage to a canvas and said it was a commentary on American decadence and waste. But really, all he did was tack up trash and call it art. I don't feel that art is art just because somebody said so. It takes talent and the ability to organize creative ideas, a lesson Sgt. Disco would benefit to learn.

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