Shackin' Up 

Dear Minerva,
One of my closest friends is in a relationship with a guy that she has only been dating for about 5 months. She has decided to move in with him even though they haven’t been together that long. I want her to be happy but I worry that this will put her in a bad place in a couple of months if it doesn’t work out. How do I talk her out of it?

Sincerely, I Ain’t Helping Her Move

Dear Ain’t,
In a perfect world you wouldn’t need to even have the conversation because there would be nothing to worry about. They’d move in together and together time would be an abundance of sheer bliss. Sharing everything would feel like Christmas every day, a veritable Nirvana of domesticity. Alas, in 2018 it isn’t practical to roll the dice on such a risky investment. Before she ends her lease, remind her of the expense it takes to secure new accommodations if her one true love turns out to be one big dud. Suggest she try it out for a few weeks before making any irreversible housing decisions. Ask her what might happen if it is less bliss and more amiss. Don’t topple the lovebirds from their cloud, but remind her that a few months of dating someone is not the same as living with them. Ultimately, she has to decide for herself what she wants to do and it may not be what you want, but at least you tried.
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