Shannon Fausey 

Acrylic, Watercolor, Pottery

The focus of my work not only lies in the subject matter at hand, but also in the intangible subjects of light and shadow. Light reflects and permeates objects, giving both warm and cool effects. Shadows are not simply dark shapes, as the sewn-on shadow of Peter Pan, but a subtle combination of hard and soft images. A good understanding of light and shadow can make objective work appear abstract and the ordinary sublime. Often my work is paradoxical. Through imagery alone, few viewers would absorb the subtleties and double-edged intent of my work. It is through the use of the title of the piece that I most often attempt to raise the consciousness of the viewer. My work has been said to create awareness to the “underbelly” of reality. The paradox is at work in my “Under the Bridge” series. Unusual views and strict attention to light and shadow and the perspective of the Capitol Boulevard Bridge in Boise provides an aesthetically pleasing presentation, but when combined with a title such as Beneath You provokes awareness of the homeless population. Because of the metaphoric nature of bridges, the viewer may bring his or her own interpretation to the work based on the individual’s experience.
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