Shige Steakhouse Opens on Eighth Street 

A recent late-night, downtown search for sushi after the hilarious Lily Tomlin show at the Morrison Center led to the discovery that Osaka must close early if it's quiet and a reminder that Shige closes at 10 p.m. As an alternative, we stepped into Shige's new steakhouse, which opened earlier that week, only to learn that although the bar was still open, both the fine dining and tepanyaki arms also close before 11 p.m. However, our need to nosh must have been apparent, because K.C.--a server who has been with Shige for nearly two decades--went back to the kitchen and convinced them to whip a little something up for us.

Sitting in the posh red bar on high stools, a vantage point overlooking The Hole, we decided--shouting to hear each other over Beyonce blasting through the speakers--to split an order of the seared ahi tuna app and each get a Red Carpet salad. The tuna was dressed in black and white sesame seeds and cooked to that delightful place where it's an earthy pink on the edges and nearly red in the center. The salad, served with a tiny porcelain pitcher of Asian dressing on the side, was a bright mix of lettuces and daikon root accented with a few heavenly little balls of fried goat's cheese. Two chilled, aromatic saketinis rounded out our meal.

Shige's wife and restaurant co-owner Debbie came out to say hello and invited us to stay for karaoke, which she promised was to be a regular part of the steakhouse's post-dinner festivities. But after laughing at Lily and with bellies full of fish, we regretfully declined. However, with seafood bisque on the menu and the opportunity to belt out a little Beyonce after a couple of saketinis, Shige's Steakhouse promises to be the new go-to for my late night snacks.

Shige Steakhouse, 100 N. Eighth St., 208-331-8202,

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