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Week of 11/14, Downtown Boise

Last week was one busy music-infused week for me and my steady companion, the IT Guy.

Monday night we reveled in 1332's Punk Monday. We listened to Upinatem tear it up and when they were done with their set, we jetted over to Grainey's to listen to Boise's newest cover band, Motto Kitty, and then ran back over to the Bouquet to catch Wilt Chamberlin's Baby in all their pissed-off glory.

Wednesday night, Adison's Ghost opened for Hundred Year Storm. I came at AG's invitation and was treated to a night of great emo. Hundred Year Storm was one man down but still had a multi-layered sound. Locals Adison's Ghost plays thick, rich music and their lead singer has got a voice to be envied. I highly recommend you give both bands a listen.

Thursday night, it was Kai Brown opening for Shawn Brown (with special guest, Boise's own Ben Burdick) and both Browns and Burdick played great sets.

On Friday night, we headed out to Neurolux to catch the Visible Men. They are on the last leg of what they were calling their "Red, White and F.U." tour--named due to Dustin's fire-engine red hair, Jordan's Smurf-blue hair and Dan's dyed-white hair. Unfortunately, dye can be spendy and what with gas prices being what they are, everyone's rich colors had faded considerably. Dustin mentioned changing the name of the tour to "Old Glory." Fitting. Exhausted, the IT Guy and I stopped for take-out at Oriental Express and called it a night. There's a plethora of music happening this week, too, so come say hi if you see me. I'll be out there.

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