Sid The Science Kid Live 

Friday, March 21

Every parent hears the question "why?" often repeatedly and for long periods of time--like the endless dripping of a faucet. As persistent as those endless rounds of "why" may be, they also indicate a young mind soaking up information like a sponge.

If you happen to be the lucky parent of such a child, you'll want to run to the upcoming live performance of Sid The Science Kid at the Morrison Center.

Based on the popular PBS animated television program Sid The Science Kid, describing the star as highly inquisitive and mildly hyperactive doesn't quite do him justice--he's a purple-haired, pint-size dynamo who hungers for answers to why and how things happen. And, of course, he wants to know all of it right now.

The live show features singing, dancing and the tireless pursuit of scientific knowledge; and, after watching a few minutes of his energetic antics, it's not hard to fathom why the show is such a hit with the age 3 to 6 crowd.

For parents who want to instill good study habits early, a study guide to the show will be available online, making it possible to quiz kids before, during and after the main event.

If you snag your show tickets at the Discovery Center of Idaho, you and your intrepid young explorer can attend a pre-show extravaganza at DCI, including a pre-school-approved dinner.

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