Siege the Day 

Time to breach these radicals' barricades

Here's what should happen at the Capitol building. The one that belongs to every man, woman and child in America. The federal Capitol, which until relatively recently served as the national epicenter of citizen involvement in their own governance and that since 2010 has been commandeered by a lawless cabal determined to cut citizens out of the process of governance. Here's what should happen if these renegades do what they are threatening to do if President Barack Obama nominates anyone to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia:

1) Gather enough FBI agents, DEA agents, ATF agents, SWAT teams, local law enforcement officers, military police and any other available crime-fighting units to surround the Capitol entirely and make sure the outlaws know they are ready to move in at a moment's notice. In the first stages, the lawmen should maintain a low profile while the turncoats are allowed to conduct their press conferences and photo-ops, strutting out their anti-democratic, anti-government insurgency, and struggling to explain why they are justified in refusing to allow our duly-elected, twice-elected president to execute his constitutional mandate to keep the Supreme Court stocked with a full count of nine.

At the same time, the honorable individuals within Congress, within the news media and the general public should continue to point out that there is no justification whatsoever—legal, historical or moral—to the criminals' refusal to act.

2) At the first actual, concrete act of defiance, most likely to be a decision by the rebel leader Sen. Mitch McConnell to deny any hearings on a nominee, all access to and egress from the building should come to an end, except for Congress members willing to perform their constitutional obligation to give the president's nomination a fair hearing. If the mutineer riffraff persist in their efforts to subvert this 228-year-old process, the decent and law-abiding senators should be evacuated from the building and installed into another venue where they might perform their jobs unimpeded by sabotage and obstructionism.

To the unthinking, this will appear to be a partisan suppression of disloyal Republicans by Constitution-abiding Democrats. But Harry Reid, as leader of the responsible faction of the Senate, can assure any wavering insurrectionists, as well as the public, that every senator willing to do the job he is being paid to do, and who has the guts to reject the dictates of his party bosses, is welcome to join them.

3) Those treasonous vermin who prove themselves incapable of living by the laws of the land should have their bank accounts and staff budgets frozen, and any further compensation—be it in the form of salary, health coverage or expense allowance—should come to an immediate halt. The Senate cafeteria should be closed and locked, and all utilities should be cut off.

Undoubtedly, the seditious scofflaws will appeal for help from like-minded morons in terms of food, toiletries and sympathy. At this stage, the authorities should allow only packets of stale turkey jerky and six packs of Diet Mountain Dew to be delivered to the perfidious misfits holed up in our once-honored institution.

No doubt, some of the traitors will encourage feeble-minded fringies to join some sort of revolution of the chronically disgruntled. One can almost picture Sen. Ted Cruz shrieking like the Wicked Witch of the West as he calls for an uprising against the tyranny of people who simply expect the United States government to function as though it was comprised of adults rather than drama queen idiots. A few ne'er-do-wells and borderline mental cases—i.e., the typical "patriot" bums who show up at any opportunity to show off their guns and deranged ranting—will actually make their way to Washington, thinking, "Hot damn! This is why I traded the RV for an AR!" But as this is not some phony confrontation staged by cretinous inbreds on an isolated Nevada ranch or Oregon nature reserve, we might expect those would-be Bundys will be surprised to find that they are no match for either the assemblage of law enforcement personnel or the crowds of protesters gathered on the Capitol Mall demanding the occupiers be taken into custody for neglect of duty, desecration of government property with their noxious presence, corruption of American values, heritage and jurisprudence, as well as any other appropriate charges.

4) We can anticipate the end of this siege will come quickly. Undoubtedly, many of the malcontents will find they weren't as prepared as they thought they were to go more than a few days without cocktail hours, lobbyists to comp their dinners at expensive restaurants and regular interviews with Fox News quislings.

However, there should be no negotiations with the turncoat scum that does not end in a televised hearing on whomever President Obama nominates for the Supreme Court. It's unlikely the scheming snakes would approve any such nominee, and there is no legal way they can be forced to do so. But it will give the nation a valuable opportunity to understand—just in time for the general election—what puny, disgusting rats they are who would commandeer the entire nation if we let them.

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