Skate Night 

Nov. 26 and Dec. 3, Shredder

Some things have been together for so long and are such a natural fit, we never stop to question the combination: peanut butter and jelly, gin and juice, music and skateboarding. That last delicious duo has made its long-awaited return to Shredder with Wednesday Skate Nights, when the signature whirr of wheels and crack of wood on wood provides percussion backing to live bands.
On what Shredder calls its Black Wednesday, the music will run along the rock spectrum with local bands Coma Throne, Faded Leroy, Exploding Head Trick and Camas. Shredder owner Justin Cantrell has the same lineup listed for Dec. 3, so rather than think, "If I miss these bands this Skate Night, I can catch them next," think of it as, "These bands must be pretty kick-ass to have them play two Skate Nights in a row, and for only $3 cover, I can afford to catch them both nights." Good things do come in pairs.

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