Because regular ice cubes would give the wrong impression.

The right kind of ice is key to fancy cocktails. The size, shape and form affects how it chills, melts and colors the flavors of the drink. Serious mixologists dedicate much thought to selecting cubes, spheres, crushed and now, skulls.

That's right, skulls.

Gamago, the same company behind such essential kitchen products like the electric guitar spatula and the unicorn corkscrew, also makes 3-inch by 3-inch two-piece ice cube molds in the shape of crystal skulls.

What possible purpose could such nincompoopery serve drink-wise? How about enhancing the comedy of a Bloody Mary? Or you could give the skull some garnish for hair, drop it in vodka and you've got yourself a Medusa. Or possibly put it in a White Russian and call it the remains of the Russian White Army.

The skull ice cube is also an ideal way to pick up goth girls, get South American cannibals drunk, or fake it in an ice-sculpting contest. The sky's the limit when you have skull ice cubes in your corner.

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