Slideshow: Did You Go to the Opening Day of the Boise Farmers Market? 

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Harrison Berry

There were a few things to worry about on the opening day of the Boise Farmers Market. It was at a new location, and the rain seemed like it wouldn't end, but none of that seemed to mean much to the throngs of people who showed up at the market on its 2019 opening day, April 6.

"I got here at 9 a.m., and it was just mobbed," said Roger Sherman, a member of the market's board of directors. "In some ways, you couldn't ask for a cruddier day ... and people are still coming."

Earlier this year, the popular market announced it was pulling up stakes for a new spot on Shoreline Drive in Boise. It was a move that concerned many at the market, Sherman included, but worries that the new location would be less attractive or hard to find were "unfounded," he said.

Michael Sommer of Purple Sage Farms said the turnout at the market was "very encouraging—it's a leap of faith to see people come out," and that the market had gotten too big for its previous location near downtown. The cross-market synergy the Farmers and Capital City Public markets have enjoyed for several years while both were downtown will be lost in the transition, he said, but a new shuttle service will reconnect them this year, and Sommer said the added parking spots and proximity to the Boise Greenbelt will make it easier than ever for people to access the market.

"It's going to allow us to expand," he said. "We've grown out of [the previous location], and we're going to grow into this space."

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