Small But Mighty: Surel's Place Hosts Third-Annual Shrinky Dink Silent Auction 

The line, "And though she be but little, she is fierce," from Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, has become the motto of short women everywhere. But if artwork were female, it would also be the perfect tagline for the upcoming Shrinky Dinks Silent Auction at Surel's Place, which features "shrunken masterpieces" by more than 40 local artists that are knock-your-socks-off powerful despite their tiny size.

The works are all made from Shrinky Dinks, the popular 90s art project for kids featuring drawing sheets that, when heated, shrink to one-third of their original size and increase nine times in thickness.

click to enlarge KAY SEURAT
  • Kay Seurat

"From inside our gallery, it's clear that the artists who are participating in this year's Shrinky Dinks show and auction have clearly mastered the medium!" said Surel's place Co-founder and Executive Director Rebecca Kelada, who pioneered the annual auction in 2015. "The work is very high quality, from jewelry to sculpture, from a handmade basket to an automaton brooch. It's hard to pick out any standout, as they're all so good."

The indoor-outdoor auction is Surel's Place's biggest fundraiser of the year. The gallery of Shrinky Dinks up for grabs will fill the inside of the residence, while a celebration outside will include a ukulele concert from The Day Dreamers, a "Not-So-Dinky" raffle, beer, wine and grub from the Archie's Place food truck. Entry to the event is free with a $5 donation to Surel's Place, which will go to bringing even more artists-in-residence to the City of Trees.

Organizers said the gallery will be a trawl through some of Boise's most promising talent, including locals like Ashley Dreyfus, Noble Hardesty, Sue Latta, Brigitte Nelson, Samuel Paden, Angie Sebolt and Anna Webb. Kelada said that one of her favorite pieces is oil painter Rachel Teannalach's Shrinky Dink landscape of Garden City and the surrounding foothills, which she called a "self-lit masterpiece."

"It's such a celebration of our community, creativity, and, of course, Shrinky Dinks," said Kelada.

click to enlarge LAUREN KISTNER
  • Lauren Kistner
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