Winter sports are a huge business in the Treasure Valley, but one that people with mobility issues are often left out of. Enter Sno-Go, which bills itself as "the ultimate all-mountain snow bike." The Sno-Go is a hybrid between a mountain bike—or perhaps more properly a mountain trike—and a set of skis, offering both a fun alternative for already-active winter recreators and a new option for those who might otherwise be spending the day in the lodge. With its stable design and low-impact ride, the bike is an innovative take on traditional winter sports gear. Sno-Go is based in nearby Sandy, Utah, but rentals are available here in Idaho through a local contact on the Sno-Go website, One of Sno-Go's promotional videos even stars a Boise native with cerebral palsy who traveled to Utah to test the Sno-Go and was able to to spend a day on the mountain. The contraption costs a pretty penny—just under $1,400—but for a sports enthusiast or snow lover missing out on the slopes, it just might be worth it.
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