Snoop Dogg Plays Boise Twice 

Even without Boise's pronunciation puritans--Boy-see not Boy-zee--getting on its case, the letter Z has it pretty rough. Last in the alphabet, the majority of Z's utility has been stolen by that phonetic usurper, S. Its section in the dictionary is anemic, giving the impression that it's a weak letter. What words it starts--zany, zealotry--speak to the letter's instability. even ran an April Fool's joke claiming Z had been removed from the alphabet and would be replaced by X. Sure, Z is worth 10 points in Scrabble, but for how often it gets to play, Z might as well be the kid with a broken leg at a public pool.

Even ZZ Top had to add the "top" to make the band name work. The XX got by with just the letters.

But then along came Snoop Dogg to reclaim the letter Z with lyrics and banter like "fo' schizzle my nizzle" that put it directly in the limelight. What does it mean? Who knows or cares, honestly.

If you need a primer, the Internet is full of Snoop Dogg translators that will Z-eify whatever you want to say. Translated, the previous sentence reads: "Thizzle intizzle is evizzle full of Snoop Dogg Trizzle thizzle wizzle zizzle whizzle you wizzle to sizzle."

Though that makes less sense than Sarah Palin at a linguistics conference, Snoop Dogg is giving the honorable Z its fair due and that's what really matters.

Not to mention, maybe you've heard, he also drops some awesome rhymes. He'll be in Boisizzle, to blow the rizzoof off the Knizzle Factorizzle on Saturday, Jan. 21.

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