Snowbirds and snowbunnies: Something for Everyone

Living in Idaho, you can count on one thing (well, three if you include death and taxes): snow. Some winters we don't get much and other winters we're buried under so much of the white stuff, we're not sure if we're in Idaho or up Scarface's nose.

In some cultures, the changes in season are honored with elaborate ceremonies or festivals to either ward off bad luck or welcome good. In our culture--in Idaho, anyway--the changing seasons are sometimes not so much celebrated as endured. Here at Boise Weekly, we want to change the cool attitude many of us have toward winter by ringing in this cold, wet season with our annual SNOW issue.

Last year we gave you, our readers, a list of 50 fabulous things to do during this time. We suggested building anatomically correct snowmen in your front yards, snowmobiling, riding the Tamarack superpipe, reading, learning to knit and so much more. We included projects for everyone from outdoor aficionados to serious snowbirds. This year, writers Shea Andersen, Nicholas Collias, Sara Betia, Nathaniel Hoffman and Brandon Nolta focused a bit more on the players and a little less on the haters (we hear it's nice in Arizona this time of year), but we still offer a little something for everyone.

Included in this SNOW issue, as usual, is our Northwest Mountain Guide (on pages 32 and 33) which provides valuable information on ski resorts in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming with everything from a short description of each ski park to the cost of a lift ticket. We also have several stories aimed at snowbunnies, including one on ski jumps, one on the cool (cold) technology of helmet-cams, a review of a new primer on skiing, a piece on snow science, some scintillating snow-season reading and wintertime predictions from some of our local television weather personalities.

All in all, we've given you our printed version of a dance around the bonfire to welcome in winter. It's going to come whether you like it or not, so you might as well make the best of it.

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--Amy Atkins

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