Soak Up Your Water Footprint with Taking on Water 

Thursday Nov. 15

Without water, living on Earth ... well, there wouldn't be any living on Earth. The tasteless, odorless liquid comprised of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen makes up most of the human body and covers much of the planet's surface. While Idaho author and engineer Wendy Pabich would suggest that water availability is important everywhere, it's perhaps paramount in arid Western states.

Pabich has spent years gaining knowledge about the Gem State's water supply, which she'll share with visitors at the Idaho Conservation League office in downtown Boise Thursday, Nov. 15.

In Pabich's own life, water conservation is an outgrowth of that knowledge. She has compiled that information into a new book on understanding our water footprint, an indicator of our water use. Her book, Taking on Water, is about Pabich's own journey to implement day-to-day water-saving strategies and to monitor her own water use. The result is a roadmap and personal memoir that could spur people looking to do the same.

Idaho Conservation League is a group dedicated to preserving the state's myriad streams, lakes, forests and other wild areas. After Pabich's free presentation, which begins at 5:30 p.m., ICL will tell listeners about their efforts to reduce Idaho's water footprint.

Attendees can pick up their own copies of the book following the evening's events, as well as have them signed by the author.

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