Some thoughts on Privatizing Social Security 

Yeah, privatizing Social Security is insane. Reagan was saying back in his day it was imminently doomed, too, when he was arguing for it.

I especially like it when the right-wingers (including Bush) smugly say how, what, people can't be trusted with their own money?

Hello? Didn't anyone tell those morons why the Great Depression hit everyone so hard (most people gambled all their life savings in unwise stock investments hoping to get rich quick)? Don't they know the percentage of seniors that spend massive amounts of money in casinos? Don't they know about Credit Card Debt, which tends to be pretty massive no matter one's income level?

Are these signs that people should be trusted with this life-or-death pool money? You tell me. No, it's a sign that Bush's Wall Street friends would get rich off of this pool of money. As if their tax breaks weren't reward enough already.

Also, the right-wingers love to speak of Social Security as only a benefit for the elderly (and they always make it sound as if they don't deserve it, like it's some kind of blood-sucking of the young they shouldn't be engaged in - as if working your whole life putting money in the system doesn't mean you deserve to actually benefit from it eventually). Anyway, as those of us with at least a third of a brain know, benefits for the elderly are only a third of the Social Security system. The least crucial third, in fact. Or at least it used to be back when people actually got retirement pensions from companies they worked for...

Anyway, the other element of social security is the Survivor Benefits, which have saved the lives of many a widow and her children over the years. Or indeed saved many a parentless kid from the hell that is the foster home system. And the third element is Disability Benefits.

So, messing with Social Security wouldn't just fuck up old people, whom of course no one gives a shit about, but it would severely damage Survivor and Disability benefits.

It's sickening, it is. How very fortunate (for them) that Bush and his gang have done so much sickening stuff it's so very hard for us to focus on just any one of them.

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