Sometimes You Get Lucky 

We played in the Thursday afternoon game at the new Twin Falls duplicate club a few weeks ago and had a pleasant game with friendly opponents. I got lucky on this hand when I played in 1 notrump. North made the most effective lead for the defense, and I saw that the hand had little hope without diamond tricks, so I took the first trick on the dummy with the ace and called for the diamond 10. South should have covered this card but did not, so when I let the 10 ride and it held the trick, I repeated the finesse for 5 diamond tricks.

South was beginning to have problems discarding on these tricks because he could not be sure that his spade king had any value. North also had to find discards, and the upshot of the hand was that she dumped all her spades except the ace, south discarded his ace of hearts late in the hand, and I scored a trick with dummy's heart queen. I made nine tricks for a clear top on the board on a hand that is not a clear favorite to make seven tricks.

We are in the Sectional Tournament at Clubs event being held at the club with two more sessions to go. If you would like to play we will find a partner for you. We are also having Christmas parties Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. and Friday at 11:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy Christmas ham and play a game or just watch. If you are thinking of bridge but find yourself hesitant to learn, stop by club play. You can socialize and meet members of the bridge community.

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