Speaking of the Best of the Best ... • South of the Border Switch on Broadway • Calle Verde Calls It Quits 

Speaking of the Best of the Best ...

Those of who remember the content of last week's Food News may recall our casual assessment that Boise garners more national "best of" titles than we can shake an editorial stick at. Here goes another shake.

Road House BBQ (the locally owned "Southern barbecue with a Texas flair," restaurant in Eagle (not to be confused with the corporate joint of a similar name a few miles up the road in Meridian) has been named as one of 35 restaurants in the nation (and the only one in Idaho, mind you) to be listed in National Barbecue News' recently released list of the "Best of the Best Barbecue Restaurants in America."

Dedicated to the "sport of barbecue" (yes, in other parts of these United States, the popularity of barbecue competitions is right up there with NASCAR), the National Barbecue News publishes the list after an official and unannounced taste tester (what a job) feasts on all the dry-rubbed, wood-smoked carnage to decide who makes the grade.

Road House BBQ owner Ross Tillbury says that he asked the publication to come out to the bird burg for a plate of his grub to see if he qualified for the list, but Tillbury is adamant that despite his restaurant's new "Best Of" listing, he's not a competitive cooker.

"Competitions are totally different deals," explains Tillbury. "This just says that I'm the best of the best as far as what the experts consider a barbecue restaurant to be."

Who are we to question the experts?

Road House BBQ, 1059 E. Iron Eagle Dr., Eagle, 939-8108, www.roadhousebbq.com

South of the Border Switch on Broadway

A large roadside sign confirming that Andrade's Mexican Restaurant was still open for business lingered in front of the Broadway Avenue restaurant for some time until what it said was the truth no longer. Javier Andrade has closed his doors for business at that location and turned over the keys to Corona Village, who is currently in the process of a remodel (and no doubt removing one of Boise's best restaurant fountains). But you folks on the Bench consider yourselves extra lucky. Not that you probably didn't enjoy eating a bunch of lunch on occasion, but Andrade's is relocating to the old Shakey's on Overland near the Orchard intersection, with plans to be open in May. Check back here for more information.

4903 Overland Rd., 208-424-8890 or 208-344-1234.

Calle Verde Calls It Quits

The Basque Block's Mexican eatery signed off the Boise restaurant scene several weeks ago after just more than a year in business. Owner Kevin Settles, who also owns Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery located next door to what used to be Calle Verde, says the space will be absorbed by Bardenay to accommodate additional customers on the outdoor patio, while the indoor space will be used to host large private parties.

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