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Blackfoot Native Releases Film

This is the type of thing that might make us worry that all eastern Idaho will be known for is Mormons making movies. First Napoleon Dynamite, now this:

Rodney Henson, a native of Blackfoot, recently released his directorial and writing debut with his film Suits on the Loose. Filmed early in 2004, Suits is a (gasp!) PG-rated comedy about a couple of delinquent teenagers who break out of a desert survival camp and pose as Mormon missionaries. Henson graduated from Blackfoot High School in 1984 but didn't let that stop him from pursuing cinematic dreams in Hollywood.

Unsurprisingly, Suits had its world premiere on the opening night of the 5th Annual LDS Film Festival last January in Orem, Utah. The film went on to be released in Utah theaters in early February. Henson traveled around Idaho to promote his film and Suits had its Idaho premiere on February 17 in Rexburg, Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

For more about the film, visit www.suitsontheloose.com.

New Museum in Rexburg

Visitors to eastern Idaho will soon have a reason to stop in Rexburg. The town has opened its Legacy Flight Museum, a 18,000-square-foot vintage aircraft museum with restored airplanes from the first and second world wars, the Korean War and the Cold War. Exhibit highlights include a Cold War-era Russian jet, a replica of a World War I plane, a King Cobra, a P-51 Mustang and a Douglas Skyrader, among others. And although the exhibit is intended to bring history to life and educate visitors, many of the museum's planes are actually still capable of flight.

The museum had its grand opening on February 3 and 4, and will be open on Fridays and Saturdays until summer. The museum is actively seeking donations for its collection or loans of war memorabilia.

For more information or to make a donation, call the museum at 208-351-0044.

Idaho State University Looking to Replace Paper Tiger With a Bronze One

School spirit meets the spirit of art at one eastern Idaho college campus. Idaho State University students have been looking at a papier-mache Bengal Tiger next to their campus's gym since the '50s. A group of students is looking to change that by raising funds to commission some fierce tiger statuary in bronze, at a potential price tag along the lines of $60,000 each.


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