Spring 2006 

This latest edition of Idaho Arts Quarterly is our Spring 2006 issue, although that season is more of a fond wish than a reality as we go to press. With that season's frame of mind and all it implies--growth, rebirth, new starts--we've planned an IAQ that approaches arts coverage in a fresh way.

As you read through these pages, you'll notice that in each of the feature articles, we've attempted to define the idea of "art" broadly. You'll get a sense of traditional paint-to-canvas visual arts in our cover artist profile, alongside the work of a Boise graphic novelist in our Southwest feature. The North and Central features take two very different looks at the craft arts, and the Eastern feature examines the way devotees of the literary arts have come and stayed together.

The hope is that taken all together, these stories will convey even an inkling of the diversity of art being produced here in Idaho.

--Sara Beitia, Arts Editor


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